The Pitch-Key is capable of de-tuning and re-tuning the string very accurately but it is important to make sure that your guitar is properly prepared as follows:-

  • Accurately set the guitar's intonation
  • Ensure that strings are properly stretched in
  • Ensure that the string is not binding in the nut

The use of a low-friction nut is recommended, as are nut slot grease and locking tuning posts. It is important that the Pitch-Key touches only the strings of the guitar so that it does not restrict any natural string movement.

Your guitar will require a minimum 30mm free string length in between the nut and the tuning post for use with the Pitch-Key. Note that slotted headstock instruments may not be suitable due to the restricted space in between the strings and the headstock.


If preferred, the stabilizer leg gap can be carefully enlarged to suit the diameter of a typical adjacent string. Ensure that the final gap does not fit tightly over the adjacent string. An Occasional application of light oil to the moving parts is recommended for continued smooth operation.