"I'd like to use this brilliant creation on more of our guitars... a gem"

- Thomas Nordegg (master guitar tech to Steve Vai)


"This is a stroke of genius... It's a boon for anyone who needs to quickly flick between alternate tunings, and means no more fumbling for Drop D too!"

- Total Guitar  (#273 November 2015)


"Pitch-Key can be fitted and removed in seconds... Drop D tunings are a breeze and you can use several of them at once to give yourself even more pitch-changing options"

- Guitar Player Magazine  (3rd Jan 2016)


"Pitch-Key allows me to quickly and accurately go from standard to dropped D on a single guitar. Many of my gigs are fly-dates and I can only bring a single guitar so Pitch-Key is a great help. It has become an indispensable tool in my gig arsenal" - Ron Charlton (producer, sessions and touring guitarist for Grammy Winner Billy Dorsey)  


"I like the fact that Pitch-Key is more than just a 'drop D' device; once you grasp that you can raise as well as lower string pitch, then new tuning ideas quickly become accessible. Add in that Pitch-Key is non-permanent, and non-destructive, means that you've got a fantastic way of broadening what is achievable with any guitar. Please check out my video to see what I mean!"

- Philip Ockelford


"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Pitch-Key... I have had time to work with it for a few weeks now and I am floored by how simple and elegant the device is!"

- Joe Leskovar


"Pitch-key is a great invention, I've been searching for this tool quite a while. Also works great for left-handed guitars (which is not (yet) mentioned).  This is going to definitely change my song-writing in the future..."

- Stefan H


"I received my Pitch-key yesterday and checked it out. Brilliant! Thanks for the extremely cool gear!!"

- Robin Feathers


"Even with the vintage bridge set up to float on my old strat, Pitch-Key is an incredibly fast, workable solution for practising and playing live. My fixed bridge guitars are now getting one each, so Pitch-Key will work even better for them. Great stuff guys!"  

- Len Astle


"Pitch-key makes alternate tunings a breeze and adds a new creative edge to the writing process." (see linked video)

- Chris Harrington


"The ultimate device you need to drop anywhere, anytime!" (see linked video)

- Neogeofanatic


"The Pitch-Key is simple in design and installation, yet irreplaceable in function and use, giving new dimension to the concept of tuning stability and providing new outlets for creativity as a musician" (see linked page)

- Ben Copeman


"I used it for an acoustic gig. Worked perfectly and every time. Put it on my Les Paul tonight and again, perfection. This is a game changer, every single guitar player I know should have one of these. This product is AWESOME." 

- Richie Bohr


"I'm amazed at how accurate it is. This would be a great tool to use in a performance to quickly change tunings. It's an incredibly clever design. Very easy to install adjust and use." 

- Mark Heppler


"I used the Pitch-Key for the first time at a gig last night and it was perfect. Excellent product, well made and worked great on my Les Paul. Thank you, I will be recommending this to fellow musicians!!" 

- Gary Gibbs


"These Pitch-Keys are working perfectly and have made quick drop tuning during a set lightning fast and accurate. I have waited my whole playing life (20 years) for a product that does what yours does as well as it does. No contest, I have tried many other drop tuning products over the years and yours is the best of the bunch. In fact there isn't a thing I would change on it". 

- Myke Kurnell  (Dark Mourning)


"I've just received my Pitch-Key and it's GREAT. So simple, so brilliant."

- Carmine Olivieri


"Just wanted to say what an amazing piece of simple genius you have created. It works really well!"

- Yeoman Cheung


"Put one on the G string of my little Lap Steel for switching between major and minor tunings - works perfectly! Thanks!"

 - Bill Holder


"I bought your product more in hope than anything. It is absolutely brilliant in it's simplicity and effectiveness. Excellent value for money and far outweighed my expectations. The Pitch-Key has been brilliant for when we fly to a show and can only take one guitar."

- Karl Groom (Threshold)